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Hanbal rugs

Hanbal rugs are rugs made in the middle Atals mountain of morocco this region is rich in Textile and produces so many type of rugs like Beni Mrirt Azrou Khenifra and others .
The Hanbal is usually a gift given to the newly married they are made from the finest wool and cotton and they also use silk extracted from cactus

Hanbal/Hambel are handwoven rugs lighter, softer, a larger blanket type rug and less thicker than than traditional rugs.The word Hanbal in Morocco refers to the weaving method used.These stunning rugs can measure up to 12 foot and were used as bedding and for relaxing, or to decorate the tent.

Our Moroccan hanbal collection carpet are made from genuine wool and cotton.
This gorgeous piece can be used on the floor or to be hang on wall to add the Moroccan accent to the decor.

Hanbal rug are handwoven rugs lighter, softer, a larger blanket type rug and less thicker than traditional rugs.

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